What does 60 days mean?

I've been desperate to write.

After a spate of religiously following my muse with The Tales of Akeron, things petered out after 2016. I'm slowly finding my way back after a good long time.

See, while I was gaming, it was easy to have content to riff off of, but I'm finding work is keeping the pressure on and I need something quick to sharpen the blade.

Much to my dismay, while I have many thoughts and ideas, I have very little time to explore them. Actually, I don't give myself much time to explore them. Aye, there's the rub.

So, that's what this is... I'm making myself do 60 days of writing. Quality? Meh. Quantity? If need be. Regardless, I need to post something every day for 60 days. (And I'm starting on 6/18/2017, as a note to myself.)

I know how these things usually go for me, but I'm hoping I can be dedicated enough to have a mini portfolio of vignettes and short form fiction. If something manages to cling together in a larger format story, then awesome.

But expectations are low, at this point. I may end up with a few Haiku entries by the end of this. At least it will be writing!

Wish me luck.