Characters and Locations in Akeron - Gaming Journal (Retired)

The Tales of Akeron is a recap of gaming sessions for a Pathfinder RPG. If you're familiar or not familiar with Pen and Paper RPGs, they could literally be distilled down to a bunch of guys sitting around a table with dice. One person, the game master, describes the stories, scenes, and then listens to the actions that other players are taking in that world. They process the results and explain what happens next.

While, this is a description of its simplest form, it is ultimately what we're doing. However, +Keith Haney is something of a master storyteller who pours boundless amounts of heart and soul into these projects. His worlds have history, deep non-player characters, and detail that is literally a complete immersion into another reality. He's been our game master for many years, while fading in and out as time required. Most of these campaigns can be found on his Gamepoint Worlds site. I can unequivocally say that he's a professional game master.

Which, by extension, makes me a professional player. :) Srsly.

One way that I can give back to him and the game group is to write what goes on. This is why the blogs come in bursts that run every two weeks. Depending on the depth of play, these chronicles are longer or shorter.

Now, I'm doing this purely from the perspective of Hakaar, a half-orc Barbarian, who has bonded to a weapon construct named Silah—which is Turkish for weapon. They have bonded with a group of old friends from a neighboring dwarven mining town that slowly turned to a quaint fishing village, Hlofreden. It's been largely secluded from the politics of the larger towns, like Dowry, that lie just a day or two ride out.

Hakaar himself comes from lands South, near Materune, great sweeping plains that border the forests. He came back from a war that took everything from him. There is no doubt that the war has had a shaping effect on his personality and where he's going. After trying to find a place for himself after the war, he sought out his commanding officer, Duncan, who was like a father to him and trained him nearly everything he knew. This is where he met the other members of the party.

Silah was found deep in a mine that was acquired by the party's holding company, Richter Holdings, named after one of the more enterprising player characters in the party, Sig Richter. Silah was an ancient weapon that could assume the shape of a weapon and a woman.

In all actuality, the fascination I had with Silah, this non-player character that Keith devised, and the potential character interactions were what prompted me to start writing as intensely as I did. I've taken great liberties with the fiction and he's been gracious and accepting of the material I've contributed.

So, even though I've said that this is for the gaming group, to keep a chronicle of events, but I'd be lying if it was simply that. It's been fantastic practice writing with a base of material, interesting characters, and story happening over the top of it all. I embellish greatly on some aspects of it, but largely, these are the events that happen in gameplay in a story format.

If you decide to dive back in the past, I'm sure you'll see the improvement over time. (Ugh!) And, as largely unedited material goes, there are plenty of type-o's and awkwardly phrased sentences to kick you right out of the mood.

That being said, I'm active on Google+ and would take any thoughts or feedback you'd have to offer.

I hope you enjoy reading it even half as much as I've enjoyed writing it. It thrills me to see people reading this stuff. And this is because I know how hard it is to invest in someone else's reality. I hope you find it interesting, sometimes funny, and sometimes heartbreaking. I've poured myself into every word and those words, I hope, make the story as palpable to you as it is to me.

May the Bulwark stand and The Veil hold, eternally.



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